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Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Disbursement Mission Statement

Treasury’s Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Disbursement (BUCD) is committed to timely, accurate and efficient payment of monies to those recipients entitled to Unemployment Compensation (UC) benefits, State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF) benefits, or State Supplementary Payments.

BUCD aspires to the highest job performance standards while protecting each recipient’s money and providing quality and satisfaction through our customer service.

Money Network Prepaid Debit Card for UC and SWIF


SWIF recipients also can select direct deposit or prepaid debit card and can call 877-869-1956 to verify their current payment method. Eligibility questions should be directed to their claims adjuster.

For more information:

The Money Network prepaid debit card, issued by My Banking Direct, a service of New York Community Bank, is offered exclusively to UC and SWIF recipients. More information about the Money Network prepaid debit card is available here.

Treasury makes no determinations regarding UC eligibility, SWIF eligibility, or benefit payment amounts. All questions regarding program eligibility and payment amounts should be directed to the Department of Labor & Industry (L&I).

Claimants of both programs are strongly encouraged to verify that they have their correct mailing address on file with L&I to ensure all mailings reach them in a timely manner.

UC applicants may choose to receive benefits by direct deposit or prepaid debit card at the time of applying for UC benefits. UC claimants can change their payment method to direct deposit by visiting L&I’s website. UC claimants should email or call 877-869-1956 to verify the timing and amount of their UC payment, or to confirm their current payment method. Eligibility questions should be directed to their UC Service Center.

Money Network Prepaid Debit Card Features

Retail Transactions

  • Unlimited transactions at any merchant that accepts Visa.
  • No fee for obtaining cash-back with a purchase at participating establishments.

ATM Transactions

  • Unlimited in-network ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Unlimited in-network and out-of-network balance inquiries.
  • Four out-of-network ATM withdrawals per month; $2.00 for each additional withdrawal.

Cardholder Services

  • Unlimited calls to customer service.
  • Unlimited online bill pay.
  • Unlimited withdrawals from any teller at a bank accepting Visa.
  • Two ACH transfers per month from your card account to a personal account.
  • Easy to use cardholder website to view your account balance, view transactions and more.
  • Email and text alerts1 - After you get your card, log into the cardholder website to set up.

1 Standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier and message frequency depends on account settings.