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FY 2001-20 Revenue Volatility

50-State Benchmark
FY 2001-20 Revenue Volatility

What is the Revenue Volatility Score?

Volatility in tax collections can pose challenges for states, making it difficult to forecast revenue, craft a budget, and manage long-term priorities. Over the last twenty years, Pennsylvania has maintained a relatively stable tax base, especially compared to states highly dependent on energy production.  However, due to COVID-19, early projections suggest revenue shortfalls that exceed even those of the Great Recession. A low score means that revenue levels were similar from year to year, and a high score indicates that revenue grew or declined more dramatically.

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts's Fiscal 50: State Trends and Analysis. Pew's analysis removes tax policy changes to assess both a state's overall revenue and their largest, specific sources of revenue. Please see for additional information.