Treasurer Stacy Garrity Looking to Help Pennsylvanians Find True Love This Valentine’s Day

More than $3.6 million is waiting for those with love-inspired names

Harrisburg, PA - Treasurer Stacy Garrity today announced efforts to reunite thousands of Pennsylvanians with some of the nearly $4 billion available in unclaimed property to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate those we love. While chocolate, flowers, and cards are typical ways to express our appreciation for the special people in our lives, imagine helping someone find property – money, perhaps, or even jewelry – that they’ve been missing. With a quick search of our online database, you could help your Valentine see if they have anything waiting to be claimed here at Treasury.”

Pennsylvania State Treasurer, Stacy Garrity

More than 14,000 people and businesses with names including Heart, Hearts, True, and Love are owed more than $3.6 million in unclaimed property. You can search the Valentine’s-inspired list here.

Treasury currently holds $3.8 billion in unclaimed property — safeguarding it until the rightful owners come forward to claim it. One in ten Pennsylvanians is owed unclaimed property, and the average value of an unclaimed property claim is $2,000.

Unclaimed property is turned over to the Pennsylvania Treasury pursuant to Pennsylvania law. Most assets are reported after three years, while payroll checks are reported after two years of inactivity. Property that comes to Treasury includes uncashed checks, forgotten stocks and bank accounts, and contents of safe deposit boxes including jewelry, military decorations and other tangible items.

Property can end up at Treasury due to something as simple as a misspelled name or an out-of-date address.

To see if you or anyone you know has unclaimed property waiting to be claimed, search today at

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