Treasurer Torsella: Keep E.P.A. Methane Rule In Place

Trump administration rolls back methane controls

Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella today released the following statement, following the Trump Administration’s rollback of controls on methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas:

“The decision to roll back critical controls on methane emission is careless and reprehensible. This is just the latest of many senseless rollbacks, but this one is particularly egregious. Not only was this rule supported by major players in the oil and gas industry, it protected our communities from a host of very real threats.

“The future of Pennsylvania and every state is dependent upon how we respond to climate change—today. We have an opportunity to ensure a better, sustainable future for generations to come, but only if we address the pollution we are emitting into the atmosphere. Climate change is not an issue we can leave for future generations to solve. I strongly urge the Administration to keep this important rule in place, for the good of our planet.”

Pennsylvania State Treasurer, Joe Torsella

The new Environmental Protection Agency rule will no longer regulate methane as pollutant from oil and gas operations, exempt the transmission segment including large pipelines and storage from oversight, and weaken leak detection and repair standards for upstream oil and gas operations.

Pennsylvania is in a unique position as the second largest producer of natural gas in the country. Natural gas production emits methane into the air. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more than 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It absorbs the heat of the sun, warming our planet and contributing to rising sea levels.

Treasurer Torsella recently joined 50 other institutional investors to support stronger regulations to reduce air pollution and methane emissions, as proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. He also recently called on U.S. supermarkets to discontinue use of super-pollutants like legacy refrigerants, and transition to climate-friendly options. In addition, Treasurer Torsella is a member of several investor coalitions dedicated to environmental issues.

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