Treasurer Torsella Launches Next Phase Of Transparency Portal

Historical expenditure data now available

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella today announced that PA Treasury has continued to increase capabilities to the Transparency Portal by launching phase 4 of the project. The portal now provides additional tools that expand access to Commonwealth expenditures by including more historical expenditure data.

“Pennsylvania’s state government belongs to the citizens it serves, and they deserve the chance to check where every dollar goes. Every time we grow the capabilities of the Transparency Portal, we grow the capabilities of citizens to hold their government accountable. That’s an important tool in restoring the faith that government can and should work for our families, and not for insiders.”

Pennsylvania Treasurer, Joe Torsella

With these updates, Pennsylvanians will now have the ability to view historical expenditure levels going back to 2014 by both fiscal year and year-to-date. Other enhancements include: general fund balance comparison with previous fiscal year on the home page, ability to change graph types, and asset allocation information for Treasury investment pools.

Treasurer Torsella has led the transparency effort by creating Treasury’s Transparency Portal shortly after taking office. The launch of Phase 1 provided taxpayers with a first-in-the-nation ability to track the general fund balance in real time.

In June 2017, Treasurer Torsella unveiled Phase 2 giving expanded access by offering the ability to compare the past three years of expenditures at the fund, department, and appropriation levels.

Earlier this year, Phase 3 was announced providing Pennsylvanians with the ability to evaluate the trend lines for the General Fund balance and the General Obligation bond for the past 10 years. Users can also view the historical cash balances for every fund and compare that data for the past three fiscal years, and view the expenditures for every department, fund, and appropriation. Phase 3 also provides the ability to generate and export data in multiple formats, so that accurate information is presented in a neutral form.

Pennsylvania Treasury has received three awards for the Transparency Portal, including global recognition as a 2018 CIO 100 award recipient.

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