Treasurer Torsella Responds to State System Tuition Increase

Decision will raise tuition further on Pennsylvania students

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella today responded to the vote by the Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to increase tuition by 2.99 percent for students this fall. The increase marks the fourth time in four years that tuition has risen at state system institutions.

“It’s deeply regrettable that the Board of Governors for Pennsylvania’s public higher education institutions would again vote to increase the burden on students trying to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs. While I acknowledge the strain our institutions are under as they struggle with higher costs and to maintain their budgets, tuition simply should not rise faster than the paychecks Pennsylvania families are using to pay these institutions.

To be clear, our institutions of higher learning work every day to do right by our students, but there is real progress that needs to be made in keeping costs from rising out of control. We also have an obligation as a state to fully restore, and consider strongly expanding, the amount of support we provide to students who are doing the hard work of building their futures.

But these aren’t challenges we should just lament, they’re challenges we need to quickly solve. Per capita, Pennsylvanians already have the highest debt burden per student out of any state in the nation. There is no one who is left better off by our insistence that students personally hold that much debt, especially when 95% of the jobs created since the Great Recession have gone to workers with some post-secondary education.

As Treasurer, I’m responsible for administering the Commonwealth’s Guaranteed College Savings Plan. In this role, I’m working to help families save as much as possible, as early as possible, to be able to have a chance at the American Dream. But if the price tag of that dream keeps skyrocketing, all of us will be left behind.”

Pennsylvania Treasurer, Joe Torsella

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