Treasurer Torsella Announces First-Ever Chief Integrity Officer

Former PA Inspector General Faulkner to serve in newly created post

Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Treasurer Joe Torsella today announced that Treasury has contracted to retain a Chief Integrity Officer (CIO). Kenya Mann Faulkner, who served as the Pennsylvania Inspector General under the Corbett Administration, has been appointed by the Treasurer to serve as Treasury’s first CIO.

"Pennsylvanians should have full confidence in the public officials they elect to serve them. For that reason, I have created a new role at Treasury – Chief Integrity Officer. I am honored to announce the appointment of Kenya Mann Faulkner to serve in this capacity. Kenya’s accomplishments in the field of government ethics, are impressive, and span over 25 years. She will help reinforce the standards that I vowed to uphold and that all Pennsylvanian’s deserve.”

Pennsylvania Treasurer, Joe Torsella

As Chief Integrity Officer, Kenya will concentrated on policies and procedures, rooted in integrity, transparency, and accountability, and ensuring compliance with the Department’s commitment to ethical conduct. Specifically, the Chief Integrity Officer will:

  • Develop and implement training programs that will involve the identification, prioritization and management ethics compliance and conflicts of interest risks throughout Treasury and increasing awareness within Treasury of applicable policies, procedures and protocols;
  • Provide training, guidance and support to Treasury pertaining to the regulatory environment to ensure that employees are aware of the requirement of the completion of mandatory reporting of state forms in an efficient and timely manner and the adherence to ethical standards; and
  • Develop and implement appropriate programs and other communications with public officials and employees within Treasury and with individuals or companies that are seeking to do business or doing business with Treasury.

Kenya Mann Faulkner has more than 25 years of substantial experience as a defense attorney, federal prosecutor, state inspector general, and commercial litigator. She is a highly accomplished professional with a proven track record for working effectively in several complex areas of the law and applying those learnings to address critical enterprise risk management initiatives, including ethics, compliance, conflicts of interest, and institutional governance matters.

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