Web Accessibility Standards

Web sites that meet accessibility standards and offer accessibility resources enable people with disabilities to participate equally on the web. It is our mission to provide a platform that guarantees equal access and opportunity to people with diverse abilities.

When full accessibility is not achievable we have provided a comprehensive list of alternative methods for accessing information.

Assistive Technology Tools

Screen Reader

Assistive technology in the form of a software application that attempts to identify and convert content on-screen into audio or Braille output. Screen readers are essential for people who are blind, visually impaired, illiterate, or have a learning disability.

Screen Magnifier

Magnifiers interface with the computers visual output to present enlarged content on the screen.

Alternative Web Browsers

Web browsers that offer alternative user features to Internet Explorer.

  • Lynx (strips visual content and displays text)
  • Opera (disables images, tables, style sheets and JavaScript)

Voice Recognition Software

Software that uses audio input for entering data instead of a keyboard.