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Women & Money Pennsylvania Treasury

About the Pennsylvania Treasury Women & Money Project

PA Treasury is leveraging the intellectual and organizational capital it has at its disposal to offer concrete solutions that address women’s economic security and their retirement planning.

Economic security develops on a continuum: finding a secure job, understanding how to manage your money, and contributing to your retirement funds. These are the core criteria for remaining stable and secure as women approach retirement. Additionally, women often seek out additional sources of income, often starting their own businesses and growing them as the business endeavor succeeds.

The Women & Money Project is an umbrella program that supports projects and partnerships that contribute to women's success at those stages where women become economically vulnerable.

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All available research shows that when women are not economically secure, our families and our economy suffer. Despite the fact that the share of women in the workforce has surged in the past 50 years, they still earn less money than men and are at much greater financial risk at retirement than men.

Women still earn less than men in the workplace:

  • Women’s wages remain 20% lower than men even among full-time workers with comparable education attainment and age.

Women interrupt their careers for child rearing more than men:

  • Women leave the workforce to raise families on average for 11.5 years compared to 16 months for men.

Divorce and single motherhood increase the risk of economic insecurity:

  • Over one in three female headed households are living in poverty and 25% of female-headed households have no (or negative) net worth.

Women typically experience longer retirement periods because they live longer:

  • Women are three times more likely than men to fall into poverty after retirement and at 65 and older are twice as likely to be alone (widowed, divorced, separated or never married).

We need to address the unique and disproportionate ways in which women suffer economically.

Additional Resources
For further information on women’s economic security issues please explore the following:

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education ( is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence. Learn more...

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