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Unclaimed Property State Treasurer
About the PA Treasury

Pennsylvania Treasury's Vault is used to maintain the custody of tangible property reported to the Bureau of Unclaimed Property. Tangible property is physical assets such as coins, jewelry, stocks, antiques, bonds or other miscellaneous items. They come from abandoned safe deposit boxes held by financial institutions, evidence from police departments, and various other items from colleges, hospitals and nursing homes.

After Treasury's staff processes the property, it is stored in the Vault with hopes of reuniting it with its owner through due diligence letters, newspaper advertising and media campaigns. Eventually, property that is not claimed is auctioned from Treasury's eBay store. Each day, a variety of items such as gold and silver coins, diamond rings, fine and costume jewelry, sports memorabilia and other collectibles are added to the site. Since Pennsylvania's inception of the eBay program, sales of tangible property total over $4.5 million. The funds stemming from the items sold are then held in perpetuity until the owner or their heirs initiate a claim.

General tangible reporting information
Click here to obtain specific reporting and dormancy information for Police Departments.
Click here to obtain specific reporting information for Financial Institutions.

Vault Contact Information:
Phone: 717.772.2957 or 717.705-5471
Fax: 717.705.5050

Creating your tangible unclaimed property report

Property Delivery:
Delivering in person…
If choosing to deliver your unclaimed property and report in person, please contact the Vault Division of the Bureau of Unclaimed Property at 717-772-2957 to set up an appointment.

When delivering the property, please bring:
1) a copy of your report that was previously submitted via email or the Web site and
2) a check or money order for the total amount of transmittable cash (if applicable)

Delivery by mail
If choosing to delivery your unclaimed property and report via courier or the post office, please ship to:
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Unclaimed Property
Vault, Finance Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120

This is the actual physical address for tangible deliveries. However, if your shipping provider requires directions for delivery, they may use 100 Commonwealth Avenue, Harrisburg, PA.

Tangible Property FAQ’s


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