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Unclaimed Property
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Unclaimed Property Reporting Booklet & Instructions
This document includes instructions for preparing and filing tangible and intangible unclaimed property reports.
Download The Reporting Booklet
| Instructions

Negative Reporting (No Unclaimed Property to Report)
If you wish to manually file a negative report indicating that you have no unclaimed property, you may type directly into the form, print, and mail it or send an electronic copy via e-mail to Learn more...

Electronic Reports.
You may file electronically using the software below or other software programs that meet these requirements:

  • must be in the NAUPA II format
  • must be electronic for businesses submitting more than 10 properties
  • must be separate files for tangible and intangible property

NAUPA endorsed software (ETM) *You will be redirected from Treasury's Web site to an independent site.

The Holder Reporting System (HRS) Pro software generates National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) formatted unclaimed property reports accepted by most states. Learn more...  *You will be redirected from Treasury's Web site to an independent site.

If you send an electronic copy, the signature requirement is waived.

You can load a Holder report online by clicking here, then follow the instructions to submit your report. You may also send us your report by email or via a CD.

Written Reports / Forms
** The following forms are available to businesses reporting nine or fewer properties. (The Unclaimed Property Program requests holders reporting 10 or more properties to report electronically.)

You may type directly into the reporting forms and save, print, and e-mail your information to us! Please note, the Treasury Department cannot accept electronic versions of the Holder Request Reimbursement
(AP-5) due to the notary requirement. However, you can still type into the AP-5, save and print the form, and then mail it to us.

The forms are furnished in an Adobe (.pdf) format. If you have Adobe Reader installed as a plug-in to your browser, you should be able to type into, save, and print these forms from your computer. Download Adobe Acrobat. *You will be redirected from Treasury's Web site to an independent site.

If you have any questions, need additional information, or experience problems downloading the forms, contact the Treasury Department's Bureau of Unclaimed Property, Reporting Division:
Phone: 1-800-379-3999
E-mail: Reporting Division

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement
The Bureau of Unclaimed Property encourages businesses to voluntarily comply with Pennsylvania’s Unclaimed Property Law by filing a report annually by April 15. Learn more... | Download form...

Tangible/Safekeeping Property
Although the majority of tangible property comes from abandoned safe deposit boxes, entities such as police departments, colleges, nursing homes, and hospitals may be holding unclaimed tangible items as well. Learn more... | Tangible Property FAQ’s

Pennsylvania Dormancy Matrix
This one-page document includes examples of properties and corresponding dormancy periods. Learn more...

State & County Codes
This one-page listing includes state abbreviations and numeric county codes for use when reporting unclaimed property. Learn more...

NAUPA Standard Reporting Codes (including ownership, relationship and property codes)
The codes are provided in the appendices of the NAUPA Standard Electronic File Format publication. Learn more...

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