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September 16, 2014: Treasury Creates $1.5 Billion Credit Line to Sustain State Operations
Responding to a request from the administration, Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord, in consultation with Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, has extended a $1.5 billion line of credit to the commonwealth so it can cope with a General Fund cash balance that plunged below zero earlier this week. The administration borrowed $700 million against that line of credit on Monday. 

August 30, 2014: Rare and Valuable Unclaimed Items from Pennsylvania Auctioned at Lancaster County-based Morphy Auctions 

July 15, 2014: PA Treasurer McCord Returns $5,500 in Unclaimed Property to Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania

March 27, 2014: Treasurer McCord Supports Same-Sex Couple in Unprecedented U.S. District Court Filing
State Treasurer Rob McCord today petitioned federal court for permission to submit a friend-of-the-court brief in a pending marital rights case, seeking to ensure the court receives the balanced perspective of a statewide elected executive who is able to identify specific issues in which same-sex couples are deprived of equal treatment under the law when accessing state-sponsored programs and benefits.

December 4, 2013: Unclaimed Property Return to United Way of PA
More than $14,000 in unclaimed funds is on its way back to several United Way members across Pennsylvania, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today as he presented a mock check representing the amount to leaders of the United Way of Pennsylvania.

December 2, 2013: Financial Football
Treasurer McCord and Philadelphia Eagle Brent Celek teach financial literacy lessons to Upper Darby High School students through the video game, Financial Football.

November 26, 2013: NBC 10 Philadelphia Goes Inside Treasury's Vault
NBC 10 TV reporter Jacqueline London visits Treasury's vault to show viewers how to claim their cash.

October 28, 2013: Treasurer McCord Reveals Gov. Corbett Has Now Paid Lottery Privatization Consultants, Law Firms More Than $3.4 Million

July 16, 2013: Notification Letters On The Way to 60,000 Potential Property Owners
Pennsylvanians who open their mailboxes and find a letter from the State Treasury in coming weeks may have unclaimed property waiting for them, Treasurer Rob McCord announced today as his department issued more than 60,000 notification letters to the owners of the newest unclaimed property in its database.

June 27, 2013: Treasurer McCord Says $227 Million in Property Tax, Rent Rebates to be Issued July 1

June 10, 2013: Treasurer McCord encourages Lehigh Valley residents to claim what's theirs

May 29, 2013: Treasurer McCord Celebrates "529 Day"
To commemorate "529 Day" and encourage more families to start saving for college, Treasurer McCord stops by the KYW Morning News ahead of his visit to Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia later that day for a PA 529 College Savings Program enrollment event.

May 23, 2013: WTAE-TV takes viewers inside Treasury's vault
Channel 4 News reporter Matt Belanger tells viewers about Pennsylvania's unclaimed property program and speaks to Treasurer McCord about why Pennsylvanians should regularly search their name.

May 16, 2013: Treasurer McCord encourages Erie residents to claim what's theirs!
WICU Channel 12 News goes back inside the vault to remind viewers to regulary visit to search for unclaimed property

April 29, 2013: Treasurer McCord questions no-bid contract

March 28, 2013: Treasurer McCord, Senator Corman Seek Return to State of PSU Penalties
State Treasurer Rob McCord today joined state Senator Jake Corman (R-Centre County) in suing the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to recover the first installment of $12 million dollars in penalties that Penn State University paid in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse case.

March 1, 2013: Unclaimed Property Returned to Reading VFRA
More than $20.3 million in unclaimed property is available to claim in Berks County, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today as he presented officials of the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief Association of Reading with a mock check representing more than $73,000 in property the organization claimed last year.

February 26, 2013: WICU Channel 12 Erie Visits Treasury's Vault

February 25, 2013: Treasurer McCord Returns More Than $17,700 in Unclaimed Property to United Steelworkers

February 12, 2013: Pennsylvania Treasury, Department of Auditor General Celebrate Black History Month

January 24, 2012: Treasurer McCord Announces $5.2 Million in Savings to Pennsylvanians through New Debit Card Program

January 23, 2012: Treasurer McCord Opposes Pay Raise for SERS Official

January 2013: Unclaimed Treasures Up for Bid at February Live Auction
The Pennsylvania Treasury has partnered with Morphy Auctions of Lancaster County, to auction a a treasure trove of rare and precious unclaimed valuables in a February fine and decorative arts sale.

January 15, 2013: State Treasurer McCord Sworn in for Second Term

December 2012: Consider Giving Higher Education Savings as a Gift this Holiday
If you seek a truly meaningful gift this year for a special child on your list, Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord hopes you will consider opening or contributing to a Pennsylvania 529 College Saving Program account.

December 2012: PA Treasury Strikes Major Consumer Protection Win with Rebate Settlement of Almost $2 Million
A landmark settlement between the Pennsylvania Treasury and Parago, Inc. will make nearly $2 million in unclaimed promotional rebates from past retail purchases available to consumers, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today.

December 2012: Treasurer McCord questions payments to private manager of lottery
State Treasurer Rob McCord today notified the Pennsylvania Lottery that depending upon the nature and extent of lottery expansion under a private management contract, his office would refuse to disburse payments to a private operator unless and until he is satisfied that the contract expenditure is lawful.

December 12, 2012: Owner of unclaimed jewels found
The Treasury Return Team located the rightful owner of a large collection of valuable jewelry and gold coins sitting in Treasury's vault.

November 20, 2012: Treasury's ebay auction a great place to shop for holiday gifts!
WGAL-TV reminds viewers seeking great deals on unique gifts to check out the Pennsylvania Treasury Department’s unclaimed property eBay store this “Cyber Monday,.

October 22, 2012: ABC 27 News Encourages Viewers to Search for Unclaimed Property
ABC 27's Flora Posteraro highlights the unclaimed treasures inside Treasury's Vault and encourages viewers to find out if they have unclaimed property via

October 2012: Treasurer McCord teams up with NFL, Visa to Improve Financial Education Among Pennsylvania’s Students
Treasurer McCord joined NFL stars from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles to showcase Financial Football at high schools in those cities. Financial Football is a free educational video game and classroom curriculum developed by Visa to improve the money management skills of middle and high school students.

October 11, 2012: Treasurer McCord Reunites Radnor Animal Shelter with Unclaimed Property
The nation’s oldest “no-kill” shelter now has nearly $35,000 in additional resources to support routine and unexpected medical treatments for the animals in its care after State Treasurer Rob McCord today reunited the Francisvale Home for Smaller Animals with property that belonged to the organization, but had gone unclaimed for years.

September 2012: Treasurer McCord, Carnegie Science Center Celebrate "College Savings Month" With Discounted Admission September 29-30 
State Treasurer Rob McCord visited the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to promote a discounted children’s admissions weekend held in celebration of the PA 529 College Savings Program and College Savings Month, which is in September. 

August 30, 2012: Keystone HELP program marks 10,000th loan milestone
Treasurer McCord visited the Allentown home to mark a major milestone in Pennsylvania’s nationally recognized Keystone Home Energy Loan Program, which recently issued its 10,000th loan to make homes more energy efficient.

August 16, 2012: Unclaimed property presentation to Cambria County government
State Treasurer Rob McCord returns more than $16,600 in previously unclaimed property to Cambria County officials on behalf of residents there, saying he hopes other local governments – as well as citizens, businesses and community organizations – search Treasury’s free online database of unclaimed property atto see if they are owed money.

July 26, 2012: Treasurer McCord Reunites Pittsburgh area family with valuable unclaimed baseball heirloom
After seeing the July 17 Channel 11 news story on the Vault, a Pittsburgh area family recognized the Honus Wagner baseball as their forgotten family treasure. Treasurer McCord visited Pittsburgh to present the family with their long-lost piece of baseball history.

July 17, 2012: Channel 11 News Pittsburgh visits PA Treasury unclaimed property vault
Channel 11 News reporter Jennifer Abney visits the Vault to spotlight unclaimed treasures - including an autographed Honus Wagner baseball.

June 20, 2012: Treasurer McCord returns unclaimed property to Montgomery County
Local officials across the Commonwealth, faced with a greater demand for services as state funding declines, should check to see if their governments may be owed unclaimed property, Pennsylvania Treasurer McCord reminded municipal leaders today as he returned more than $49,000 to Montgomery County government officials

May 29, 2012: Treasurer McCord recognizes "529 Day"
Treasurer Rob McCord encouraged Pennsylvania families to start saving for college now with promotions, contests and events at the Philadelphia Zoo on May 29, recognized nationally "529 Day."

May 17, 2012: CBS 21 spotlight's Pennsylvania's lost treasures
CBS 21 goes inside Treasury's vault to highlight lost treasures that can be claimed.

May 9, 2012: Claim Your Cash with CBS 3 Philadelphia
CBS 3 Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan once again partners with the McCord Treasury to help viewers claim their cash!

May 1, 2012: Unclaimed Cash for Schools
WPXI-TV Channel 11 News in Pittsburgh spotlights the McCord Treasury's efforts to return uncalimed proprety to cash-strapped school districts across Pennsylvania.

April 26 and May 2, 2012: McCord Treasury and KDKA-TV encourages viewers to search for unclaimed property
Reporter John Shumway of KDKA-TV Pittsburgh visits Harrisburg to tour Treasury's Vault and speak with Treasurer McCord about the importance of searching for unclaimed property. Shumway's follow up story on May 2 shows just how many Western Pennsylvanians logged on to search after seeing his story.

April 11, 2012: Last minute tax tips and refund guidance from Treasurer McCord
Treasurer McCord provides viewers with last minute tax tips and advice on how those who already filed can use their refund to strengthen their economic security (or, if they owed money, how they can reduce their tax liability next year).

March 23, 2012: PA Treasurer McCord Returns Over $12,000 in Unclaimed Property to Pittsburgh Public Schools
As school districts across Pennsylvania face state funding cuts and budget deficits, Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord reminded public school officials to see if their districts may be owed unclaimed property, and he returned more than $12,000 to the Pittsburgh Public Schools. He said 33 other school districts in Allegheny County are due $89,000, and his office is working to return that property.

March 14, 2012: Treasurer McCord Offers Additional Reforms to Improve PA’s “Broken” Capital Budget Process
With the General Assembly now considering legislation to revamp the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, State Treasurer Rob McCord today offered additional reforms which he said would increase the accountability, efficiency, and transparency of the entire capital budget process. 

December 15, 2011: Treasurer McCord returns unclaimed property to Pittsburgh area food bank
Proceeds from a nine-year-old, uncashed $1,500 check are back in the rightful possession of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank after Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord reunited the organization with its unclaimed property.

November 22, 2011: FOX 29 spotlights unclaimed property
Philadelphia viewers get a peek inside Treasury's Vault as Lauren Cohn of Fox 29 shares the unclaimed treasures and reminds viewers to search for their names.

September 20, 2011: Treasurer McCord: Market Analysis Finds Gaming Industry Generally Performing as Expected; Identifies Competitive Threats, New Potential Markets
Treasurer McCord – an ex officio member of the Gaming Control Board and legal custodian of the Commonwealth’s gaming revenues – released a detailed analysis of Pennsylvania’s gaming market, the first comprehensive examination of the industry since the legalization of slot gaming in 2004.

September 15, 2011: PA Treasury, DEP Lower Rates on Popular Loan Program to Help Flood Victims Replace Damaged Property with More Energy Efficient Equipment
Homeowners in eastern and central Pennsylvania who experienced flood damage may be able to replace certain household appliances with more energy efficient models with the help of special low-interest rate loans through the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program.

September 13, 2011: PA Treasurer McCord Donates Unclaimed Beanie Baby Toys to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital
State Treasurer Rob McCord today donated approximately 300 Beanie Baby stuffed toys to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, saying the toys will be better used comforting patients during a difficult time than sitting idle in Treasury’s vault.

August 30-31, 2011: Last Chance to Beat the Rate Increase
Credit rates for the Pennsylvania 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan (GSP) will increase September 1, so families should act now to get more “bang for their buck” when saving for higher education.

August 18, 2011: Save with PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan Before Credit Rates Jump September 1
With tuition on the rise, new credit rates for the PA 529 GSP will take effect September 1. Treasurer McCord encourages parents to open a PA 529 GSP account – or contribute to an existing account – before August 31 to take advantage of last school year’s lower prices – essentially getting more “bang for their buck.”

June 28, 2011: McCord Treasury Readying Property Tax, Rent Rebates for PA's Citizens
Wondering where your property tax or rent rebate payment is?  State Treasurer Rob McCord provided an answer today when he said Treasury will issue approximately half a million payments totaling $240 million to Pennsylvanians on July 1. Watch the coverage:

June 22, 2011: Treasurer McCord Returns Unclaimed Property to Erie School District
Treasurer McCord visited the Erie City School District to present a mock check representing the $20,000 in unclaimed property owed to the district. The visit was part of Treasurer McCord's campaign to reunite school districts across Pennsylvania with their share of over $650,000 in unclaimed property. Coverage of the Treasurer's visit:

March and May 2011: KDKA-TV Pittsburgh reminds viewers to claim their cash!
Reporter John Shumway offers several stories to encourage Pittsburgh area residents to search for unclaimed property:

February 9-10, 2011 - "Claim Your Cash" with CBS 3 in Philadelphia
CBS 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan partnered with the McCord Treasury to help CBS Philly viewers "claim their cash"!

January 7, 2011 - Treasurer McCord LIVE on ABC 27 News at 7
Treasurer McCord discusses his lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board with ABC 27's Dennis Owens. Watch the clip

November 28, 2010 - WTAE News at 5:30
Attention holiday shoppers! Check out Treasury's online unclaimed property items for great gifts up for bid. Watch the clip

November 11, 2010 - WGAL News at 5:30 - Veterans organizations have unclaimed property, too!
As part of his Return Team's efforts to return property to veterans organizations, Treasurer McCord visits American Legion Post 594 in Middletown, PA. Watch the story

October 27, 2010 - ABC 27 News at 5
In Hummelstown, PA, Treasurer McCord announces new financing available for geothermal systems through Treasury's Keystone Home Energy Loan Program (HELP). Watch the story

October 20, 2010 - NBC 10 (Philadelphia) News at 5
Treasurer McCord discusses RetirePA with NBC 10's Consumer Reporter Tracy Davidson. Watch the clip

Treasurer McCord continues call for reform at DRPA state Senate hearing - September 22, 2010. Watch the clip

PA Treasurer discusses state economy on CNBC's "Squawk Box" - September 17, 2010. Watch the clip

Treasurer McCord discusses DRPA and takes listener calls on WPHT 1210 AM - September 12, 2010.
Listen to the show

Treasurer McCord on WHYY's "Radio Times" - August 24, 2010
Treasurer McCord and Paul Nussbaum of the Philadelphia Inquirer speak to host Marty Moss-Coane and take listener questions about calls for reform at the Delaware River Port Authority. Listen to the show

Treasurer McCord calls for Reform at Delaware River Port Authority

NBC 10 Philadelphia - July 27, 2010
NBC 10 Philadelphia reminds viewers that the McCord Treasury has received from the FDIC funds belonging to Pennsylvania WaMu account holders - now it's time to get that money back in account owners' wallets! Watch the clip

Treasurer McCord LIVE on WJET-TV Erie News - June 1, 2010
Treasurer McCord visits Erie and stops by WJET-TV News at 5:30. Watch the clip

Treasurer McCord on the Mensch Report
Treasurer McCord talks with Senator Bob Mensch and tours the Treasury's Unclaimed Property Vault. Watch the episode

May 29 is 529 Day!
To celebrate, the McCord Treasury offered free enrollment in the PA 529 Guaranteed Saving Plan. Watch the clips

McCord Files Suit To Ensure Gaming Control Board Oversight
Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord today filed a lawsuit against the Gaming Control Board, asking Commonwealth Court to rule that the Treasurer's Office is entitled by state law to participate in all the Gaming Control Board's deliberations, including its closed-door executive sessions. Watch the clips

State Treasurer Invest State Tax Dollars
The state treasurer takes your tax dollars and invest it for the state treasury; KDKA's Jon Delano reports. Watch the clip

Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord discusses the Pennsylvania economy on CNBC’s Squawkbox on Friday, April 9.
The clock is ticking on Pennsylvania lawmakers to close a state budget gap between $750 million to $1 billion by July, with Rob McCord, Pennsylvania Treasurer. Watch the clip

Treasurer Rob McCord Announces $10 Million in Affordable and Innovative "Micro-Lending" For Small Businesses
Treasurer Rob McCord visits micro-loan recipient in Lancaster, encourages community-building financial firms to apply for funding. Watch the video clips 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Treasurer McCord at Investor Summit on Climate Risk
On January 14, 2010, Treasurer McCord, along with other U.S., European and Australian investor groups responsible for managing $13 trillion in assets meeting at the United Nations, issued a statement calling upon the U.S. and other governments to take rapid action on national climate change policies that will spur clean energy investment and economic growth opportunities. Watch the clip

Tour the PA Treasury Vault!
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette visited the Treasury Vault. Watch the video slideshow

State Treasurer McCord On KeystoneHELP Program
Treasurer Rob McCord talks to Clean Skies News about how his state is investing in a green workforce.
Watch the clip

Pennsylvania's Plan for a Low Carbon Economy
Treasurer McCord talks with a family from Lower Allen Township, PA, about the steps they took to cut their energy bills and consumption with the help of the Keystone Home Energy Loan Program. Watch the clip

Treasurer McCord Talks Stimulus
Treasurer Rob McCord discusses the stimulus' affect on the Keystone state on Fox Business News. Watch the clip

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