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PA Treasurer McCord Returns $5,500 in Unclaimed Property to Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania
State Treasurer Rob McCord today presented leaders of Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania with a mock check representing the $5,500 in unclaimed property the organization claimed earlier this year. During his visit to the group’s headquarters, the Treasurer also highlighted an additional $18,000 in unclaimed property his department holds for veteran assistance and support organizations throughout the state, which can be searched and claimed for free at Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: $223 Million in Property Tax, Rent Rebates on Way to PA Seniors, Residents with Disabilities
$223 million in property tax and rent relief is on the way to more than 455,000 Pennsylvania seniors, widows, widowers and people with disabilities, State Treasurer Rob McCord said today as he announced that the direct deposits and checks were issued today by his department. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Names Karen Spencer Kelly to DRPA
State Treasurer Rob McCord has appointed Karen Spencer Kelly, a lawyer with the firm Stevens and Lee, to the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) Board. Kelly is a former chief counsel at the Pennsylvania Treasury Department, serving in that role under McCord for almost two years in 2009-10. Learn more...

This Father's Day, Great Gifts up for Bid at PA Treasury eBay Store
Families looking for a gift for Dad this Father's Day should visit the Pennsylvania Treasury's eBay auction for unclaimed property at, State Treasurer Rob McCord reminded today. Vintage wristwatches, pocket watches and 14-karat cuff link sets have just been added ahead of the holiday and are up for bid along with other unclaimed items from Treasury's Vault.Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Urges Governor Not to Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Case
Citing the waste of taxpayer funds, state Treasurer Rob McCord today urged Governor Tom Corbett not to challenge a federal court ruling that struck down Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional. Learn more...

PA Treasury Works to Reunite Law Enforcement Units with Nearly $135,000 in Unclaimed Property during National Police Week
The Pennsylvania Treasury currently holds nearly $135,000 in unclaimed property belonging to law enforcement units, and during National Police Week, State Treasurer Rob McCord urged police departments and offices to visit to find out if any belongs to them. Learn more...

During National Hospital Week, Treasurer McCord Highlights Nearly $2 Million in Unclaimed Property up for Claim by Hospitals, Health Care Facilities
This National Hospital Week, State Treasurer Rob McCord highlighted nearly $2 million in unclaimed property his department currently holds for hospitals, clinics and medical care facilities. These funds, like all of the $2.2 billion in unclaimed property Treasury holds, are available for search and claim at Learn more...

This Mother’s Day, Reunite Mom with her Unclaimed Property
There are many gifts that would delight moms this Mother’s Day, but the gift of found money is one that can truly make a difference in the life of a loved one, State Treasurer Rob McCord noted today as he reminded families to remember Treasury’s unclaimed property program when considering ways to celebrate the special women in their lives. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Pleased Court Stands By Endowment Act Ruling
Commonwealth Court refused today to allow re-argument over the state Endowment Act’s constitutionality. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Appoints Jacqueline Cook to Chair Tax Appeal Board
Jacqueline A. Cook of New Cumberland will become the first chairperson of the newly constituted Board of Finance and Revenue (BF&R) when it begins operating under its revised statute this month. State Treasurer Rob McCord announced her appointment today as his designee. He also announced that a new BF&R web site will improve public access to tax appeal information and the operation of the board. Learn more...

PA Treasurer McCord Highlights $139,000 in Unclaimed Property Owed to Libraries, Bookstores and Literacy Organizations During National Library Week
This National Library Week, State Treasurer Rob McCord reminded libraries, book stores and literacy organizations that there is more than $139,000 in unclaimed property up for claim in Treasury’s free, searchable online database at Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Issues Statement in Response to Commonwealth Court’s decision in Corman, McCord v. National Collegiate Athletic Association
“I am pleased with Commonwealth Court’s decision upholding the constitutionality of the Endowment Act. It vindicates our view that the Treasurer has an important custodial role in receiving the NCAA’s penalty money. My office is ready to help ensure that this penalty money benefits Pennsylvania-based child abuse programs...." Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Helps Launch National Home Energy Loan Partnership
Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord, along with businesses and organizations from the public and private sectors, announced today the creation of a groundbreaking national partnership to bring low-cost financing on a large scale to home energy efficiency improvement.

Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Joins Institutional Investors Calling for Independent Investigation at Duke Energy
State Treasurer Rob McCord expressed profound concern that recent findings about Duke Energy Corporation’s conduct related to a major environmental accident could wind up diminishing the long-term value of Pennsylvania’s nearly $44 million in securities issued by the company. Learn more...

PA Treasurer McCord: This Trout Season, Don’t Forget to Also Go Fishing for Unclaimed Funds
Anglers will soon be heading to Pennsylvania’s more than 85,000 miles of streams and rivers as Trout Season kicks off across the commonwealth. State Treasurer Rob McCord today highlighted some fishing-themed names in Treasury’s free online database to encourage residents to find out if any of the $2.2 billion in unclaimed property Treasury holds belongs to them. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Supports Same-Sex Couple in Unprecedented U.S. District Court Filing

State Treasurer Rob McCord today petitioned federal court for permission to submit a friend-of-the-court brief in a pending marital rights case, seeking to ensure the court receives the balanced perspective of a statewide elected executive who is able to identify specific issues in which same-sex couples are deprived of equal treatment under the law when accessing state-sponsored programs and benefits. Learn more... | Read the amicus brief

PA Treasury Reminds Employers April 15 is Deadline to File Annual Unclaimed Property Reports
Employers must report dormant financial assets and unclaimed tangible items to the Pennsylvania Treasury by April 15, State Treasurer Rob McCord reminded today. Compliance with this important annual deadline allows Treasury to return unclaimed property to the rightful owners, the Treasurer noted, as his department continues its concerted effort to educate businesses and organizations of their obligations under this state law. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: Millions in Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Up for Claim, Some Could Be Yours
Life insurance is an important tool to protect the economic security of loved ones, but State Treasurer Rob McCord today reminded Pennsylvanians to take steps to ensure that these benefits serve their intended purpose and do not end up as unclaimed property reported to the Pennsylvania Treasury. The Treasurer noted that his department has reunited $13.2 million in unclaimed life insurance benefits with the rightful owners, but much more remains available for claim in Treasury’s free online database at Learn more...

Pa. Treasury, Blue Hill Partners Inaugurate Campus Energy Efficiency Fund Project at DrexelThe Pennsylvania Treasury, in partnership with Blue Hill Partners, today announced the launch of a $6.6 million energy efficiency project to upgrade five buildings at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  Blue Hill Partners co-developed the project with SCIenergy. Blue Hill manages the Campus Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) that led investment in the project. The Pennsylvania Treasury created CEEF to help Pennsylvania colleges and universities lower their operating expenses through innovative energy efficiency and sustainability projects.  Other investors in the project are SCIenergy, Mitsui USA, The Reinvestment Fund and Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. Learn more...

PA Treasury Wants to Fill Your “Pot O’ Gold” With Unclaimed Funds This St. Patrick’s Day
Everyone might be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, but this year you don’t need the “luck of the Irish” to put some of your money back in your wallet, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today as he highlighted holiday-themed names to raise awareness of Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program. Learn more...

Hundreds of Pennsylvania Employers Helping Employees Save for Higher Education with the PA 529 College Savings Program
Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord today saluted the hundreds of Pennsylvania employers who are demonstrating appreciation for their employees by helping them address one of their biggest financial concerns – being able to afford college for their kids. Learn more...

State Treasury and BNY Mellon Resolve Sigma Claim
The state Treasury and the two largest state public pension systems have reached an agreement with BNY Mellon to recover a portion of the funds lost in connection with an investment in Sigma Finance Inc. during the severe national economic downturn of 2007-08. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Files Petition to Safeguard State Employee Safety
Faced with the threat of a lawsuit, or releasing information that could jeopardize the safety and security of some public employees, Treasurer Rob McCord today asked Commonwealth Court to resolve a conflict concerning the application of the state Right to Know Law. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Hopes to Help Pennsylvanians Reach Their Savings Goals During America Saves Week 2014
State Treasurer Rob McCord today announced a free five-part webinar series hosted by the Pennsylvania Treasury and its partners in the public and private sectors that are intended to help Pennsylvanians create a plan to save as part of the nationally celebrated America Saves Week, scheduled for February 24 – March 1, 2014. Learn more...

PA Treasury Working to Return More Than $93,000 in Unclaimed Property to African American Organizations, Institutions During Black History Month
More than $93,000 in unclaimed property is up for claim by African American organizations and institutions, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today, and this Black History Month the Pennsylvania Treasury wants to return it to the rightful owners. Groups can visit to find out if any belongs to them. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: 2013 was a Record-Breaking Year for College Savings in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania families last year displayed a remarkable commitment to saving for their children’s future, Treasurer Rob McCord reported today as he chaired the quarterly Tuition Account Program Advisory Board meeting. More than $422.3 million was invested in the Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Program in 2013, an 11 percent increase from 2012, and the number of open accounts grew by 5.23 percent. Learn more...

This Presidents Day, Lincolns and Jacksons are up for Claim through Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program

Presidents Day sales may be hard to resist this holiday weekend, but today State Treasurer Rob McCord noted a way to put some money back in your wallet – Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program. The Treasurer spotlighted the names of presidents and first ladies that appear in Treasury’s free unclaimed property database, but encouraged all Pennsylvanians to search to find out if any of the $2.2 billion in lost and forgotten money and items Treasury currently holds belongs to them. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: Treasury Serves as “Profit Center” and Again Produced Strong Earnings for PA in 2013
During Legislative Appropriations Committee hearings today, Treasurer Rob McCord highlighted another strong fiscal performance of the Treasury Department last year and the department’s role as a money-maker for the state, pointing out that Treasury produces non-tax-related revenue in the course of providing valuable services for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Learn more...

PA 529 College Savings Program Partners with PHEAA to Offer Free Financial Aid Guidance
State Treasurer Rob McCord today encouraged families of college-bound juniors and seniors to go to to sign up for a free FAFSA completion webinar offered on February 12 and 13 at noon and 6:00 P.M. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine if students qualify for almost all forms of need-based financial assistance, including the Pennsylvania State Grant, Federal Pell Grant, many scholarships, work-study programs, many school-based awards, and federal student loans. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: Corbett’s Budget Caps Four Years of Poor Management
For the fourth straight year, Governor Tom Corbett has proposed a budget that leaves Pennsylvania’s major financial problems unaddressed, one that seems to ensure Pennsylvania will be worse off than it was when the governor took office, state Treasurer Rob McCord said today after listening to Corbett’s annual budget address. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: PA Treasury Vault Offers Unique, Convenient Valentine’s Day Gifts Looking for a special gift for your Valentine? State Treasurer Rob McCord today reminded Pennsylvanians of a convenient and unique shopping option – Treasury’s eBay auction for unclaimed property at Shoppers can bid on unclaimed items such as 14K gold jewelry, designer watches, diamond rings and pendants that would put a smile on any recipient’s face this Valentine’s Day. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: Governor Wasting More Public Funds on Voter ID Law
State Treasurer Rob McCord said today that Governor Tom Corbett’s decision to continue the Voter ID litigation by seeking Commonwealth Court reconsideration as a precursor to an appeal to the State Supreme Court wastes public money and is indicative of the administration’s misguided priorities. Corbett announced yesterday that he would ask for a reconsideration of Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard McGinley’s January 17 ruling that the law requiring voters to show photo identification at their polling place is unconstitutional. Learn more...

Amidst Cookie Sales and Scout Week Activities, PA Treasurer McCord Highlights Nearly $40,000 in Unclaimed Funds Owed to Scout Groups
Girl Scout Cookies are for sale and Boy Scout Week is approaching, so State Treasurer Rob McCord today took the opportunity to remind troops across the Commonwealth of a potential source of revenue they might not have known about – Treasury’s unclaimed property program – by highlighting nearly $40,000 in lost or forgotten funds his department holds for scout groups. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord: Governor Should Not Appeal Voter ID Ruling

State Treasurer Rob McCord today called on Governor Tom Corbett not to appeal the Commonwealth Court decision that a law requiring Pennsylvania voters to show photo identification at the polls is unconstitutional. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Marks MLK Day with Service Project in Philadelphia
State Treasurer Rob McCord participated in a service project at Girard College in Philadelphia this morning to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, while also noting two significant anniversaries -- 60 years since the U.S. Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision that dramatically affected educational opportunity in America, and 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Learn more...

PA Treasury Returns $111 Million in Unclaimed Property in 2013
The Pennsylvania Treasury returned $111 million in unclaimed property to rightful owners or heirs in 2013, the highest yearly return amount since the start of his administration, State Treasurer Rob McCord announced today. This brings the total of lost and forgotten money and items returned since January 2009 to more than $517 million, the Treasurer noted. Learn more...

Treasurer McCord Visits 98th PA Farm Show as Treasury Seeks to Return $440,000 in Unclaimed Property to Ag Organizations
Farmers, food manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and dealers, wineries, and agricultural youth organizations are among the groups that are owed more than $440,000 in unclaimed property, said State Treasurer Rob McCord today as he visited the 98th Pennsylvania Farm Show. Learn more...


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