Investment Managers

Treasury investment professionals handle cash management and short-term investing; however, for longer-term investment portfolios, Treasury uses the services of external investment managers.

These firms manage their assigned portfolios subject to oversight by Treasury’s Investment Committee and financial advisors.

Specific Duties

  • Discretionary investment management (decisions to buy, sell, or hold individual securities);
  • Submit investment performance reports;
  • Notify Treasury of any significant external factors, such as major changes in economic outlook or capital market trends, that may affect the investment portfolio; and
  • Notify the Deputy State Treasurer for Investments and the Investment Committee, in writing, when external events have caused the manager’s portfolio to include securities that are no longer consistent with the portfolio’s intended composition or discipline.

Treasury’s Active Investment Managers

  • Aksia LLC
  • Blue Hill Investment Partners
  • Chartwell Investment Partners
  • ClearArc Capital
  • Community Capital Management
  • Credit Suisse Asset Management
  • Develop-DC, LP
  • Emerald Advisers, Inc.
  • Entrust Capital
  • Federated Investors
  • Generation Investment Management US LLP
  • Intercontinental RE
  • Logan Circle Partners, L.P.
  • Mesirow Financial Investment Management
  • PWP-Ariel Investments, LLC
  • PWP-Brown Capital Management LLC
  • PWP-Kabouter International Opportunities Fund II, LLC
  • PWP-OakBrook Investments, LLC
  • PWP-RhumbLine Advisers
  • PWP-Redwood Investments, LLC
  • Selene Investment Partners LLC
  • Sound Point Capital Management, L.P
  • StepStone Group LLC
  • Stoneridge Investment Management
  • The Swarthmore Group
  • Valley Forge Asset Management Corp
  • Weaver Barksdale & Associates

*Please be advised that a firm may be an investment manager for more than one investment pool.
**This list is subject to change.

Potential Investment Managers

Treasury encourages qualified firms to apply to become an investment manager for Treasury by completing and submitting the industry-standard PSN application.

In order to be considered, all managers must submit their product data and performance history to the PSN database by sending an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name of the investment management firm
  • Address
  • Name of the data contact who will be responsible for submitting the required information and communicating with Informa Investment Solutions (IIS) on any data issues
  • Data contact telephone number
  • Data contact fax number
  • Data contact e-mail address

After being approved by PSN, please send an e-mail to: along with a list of the asset classes you are applying for.