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Lessons for Financial Freedom
Many people have never received basic lessons on personal finance, which can make it difficult to navigate today’s complex financial options. The Pennsylvania Treasury’s “Lessons for Financial Freedom” learning series is designed to empower Pennsylvanians with knowledge they can use to improve their economic security.

Introduction to money management |
Video | Slides
A household budget is essential for families to build their economic security and withstand unforeseen financial emergencies. Tiffany Thurman, a Financial Education Program Manager with the Urban Affairs Coalition, will help participants develop and track a spending plan or budget, and lay the groundwork for good financial habits going forward. This webinar will demonstrate how to create a budget and prioritize payments, as well as highlight additional budgeting tools and resources.
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Fine-tuning your savings and investment strategy |
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Gary Gamma, Retirement Specialist with The Vanguard Group, one of the nation's largest financial services companies, will offer strategies and tips for achieving financial goals later in life. This webinar will outline the steps to prepare for a financially secure retirement: review investment mix, calculate savings needs and understand distribution options.

Raising money-smart kids | Video | Slides
Like many other subjects, children need instruction on basic financial skills – the building blocks that will help them make smart money choices in the future. Parents have the power to teach their kids sound, proven financial techniques that will help them grow into worry-free, successful adults. Erica Jackson, Director for the Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach at Penn State Erie, is here to help with tools, tips and resources for parents to help prepare children for the financial "real world."
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Homeownership: The American dream or is it? | Video | Slides
Thinking of buying a home? Holly Chase, Financial Education Officer with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, will walk participants through the important things to consider when making such an important financial decision, including: the pros and cons of homeownership, the financial considerations in purchasing a home and special programs available to first-time homebuyers.
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Understanding your credit report | Video | Slides
Stephanie Bittner, Community Outreach and Education Manager for Clarifi (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley), will outline the important role your credit report and score can play in gaining your financial freedom. Ms. Bittner will explain what a credit report and credit score are, what hurts the score, and how a low score can impact your wallet. She will also offer tips on how to improve your credit score.
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HEMAP: A Foreclosure Prevention Resource in Pennsylvania | Video | Slides
Join Holly Chase from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency for an overview of the Homeowners Emergency Assistance Program (HEMAP). Thousands of Pennsylvania families faced with the possible loss of their homes through foreclosure have received help from HEMAP – learn how you can benefit from this unique state program.
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