Debit Card Program

What the Pennsylvania Chase Card Offers

When Pennsylvania set out to reconfigure its debit card program, it had beneficiaries in mind. We talked with stakeholders and other states to find out what worked and what could be improved. We implemented those best practices, and we developed a few new ones too.

The result is the Pennsylvania Chase debit card that will prevent hard-hit families from paying millions per year in fees. Features include:

Retail Transactions

  • Unlimited free transactions at any merchant that accepts MasterCard.
  • No fee for obtaining cash-back with a purchase at participating establishments.

ATM Transactions

  • Unlimited free in-network ATM cash withdrawals.
  • Unlimited free in-network and out-of-network balance inquiries.
  • Two free out-of-network ATM withdrawals per month; $1.25 for each additional withdrawal.

In-Network ATM Locations

  • 3,839 in-network ATM machines in Pennsylvania.
  • 83,006 in-network ATM machines in the United States.
  • In-network providers: Chase Bank, Allpoint, MoneyPass, Santander Bank (formerly Sovereign), Susquehanna Bank, and First National Bank of Pennsylvania.

Cardholder Services

  • Unlimited free calls to customer service.
  • Unlimited free online bill pay.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals from any teller at a bank accepting MasterCard.
  • Unlimited free ACH transfers from your card account to a personal account.
  • Cardholder website optimized for viewing on mobile browsers.
  • An ATM locator website that consolidates all in-network ATM providers into one search function, optimized for viewing on mobile browsers.
Important Note

Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately, cyber attacks have become more frequent. Treasury encourages everyone with bank or credit union accounts, and debit or credit cards associated with those accounts, to monitor those accounts closely for any unauthorized or suspicious transactions. Contact your financial institution or card issuer immediately to report such activity. Protect account numbers, along with online access information such as user names and PINs at all times.

Anyone with a gold Chase debit card issued for Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation and SWIF programs with questions should contact Chase at:

Phone: 1.866.586.1706

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