Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Claims Process

What do I do with my claim forms when I receive them?

What additional information may be required with my claim forms?

My name is on the unclaimed property list. How do I find out the value of my property before I begin the claims process?

Can a Power of Attorney (POA) claim on behalf of an owner? 

How can I find out the status of my claim?

What if I cannot provide proof of ownership to the property?

What if I am reluctant to provide the Treasury Department with my Social Security number?

Why am I receiving cash instead of my stock shares that were reported?

What if the owner of the property is deceased?

What if the deceased owner died without a will?

What if the deceased owner died with a will?

What if the deceased owner died in another state?

What if the owner’s estate is still open or if the property value is over $11,000?

What if the owner passed away before the check for his/her unclaimed property was issued?

What is a short certificate?

What is a Relationship by Entitlement to Decedent Owner Affidavit?

Why is a certified death certificate required when claiming on a relationship affidavit?

Dormancy Periods

What are the various dormancy periods for particular property types?

Can holders report unclaimed property before the dormancy period expires?


How do I file for an extension?


Do I have to hire a professional finder to claim my unclaimed funds?

Does a finder have to be licensed or registered to operate in Pennsylvania?

Is there a limit on the fees these finder companies can charge?

What if I would like to go through a third party to claim my property?

How can I apply for a certificate of finder registration?

How can I purchase a list of unclaimed property owners and whom do I contact?

Can my Certificate of Registration be revoked?

How do I report illegal finder activity?

Holder Reporting

What is the deadline for filing an unclaimed property report?

Are holders required to file a “negative report”?

Can holders transmit a negative report electronically?

What is the address for mailing checks?

Who do I make the check payable to?

Does the Treasury Department accept wire transfers of funds?

Does Pennsylvania’s Unclaimed Property Law require holders to perform due diligence prior to submitting their report?

In the “assets” section on the AP-1 form - should I enter the assets of the company or assets of unclaimed property that should be reported?

How far back does a first time filer have to go to clean up their books?

Can third parties (example: CPA firms) file on behalf of their clients?

What are the reporting requirements for gift cards?

Where do I go on Treasury’s website to locate reporting forms?

If I have less than 10 items to report, may I use the electronic reporting software program?

Must I use the electronic software program if I have more than 10 items to report?

Will Treasury accept electronic encrypted files?

What is the aggregate amount in PA?

What is the threshold for reporting?

Must 501 C3 and sole proprietors file?

Are sole proprietors required to file unclaimed property reports?

If a Pennsylvania company is holding unclaimed property for a resident of another state, can it be reported to Pennsylvania?

If a company has locations in Pennsylvania, but is incorporated in another state, is it required to file in PA?

What if an owner contacts our company/organization after the property has been turned over to the State?

How long does the holder have to retain the records submitted in a holder report?

Reporting Tangible Property

What items will be accepted by the vault?

What is the proper procedure for reporting tangible assets?

What is the dormancy period for property held by police departments?

If I file a tangible report, do I still need to file a negative report for intangible property or vice versa?

Why does the Treasury Department have my safe deposit box contents?

I did not receive all of the contents that I had in my safety deposit box. Where are the papers?

Why did I receive cash instead of my safe deposit box contents?

When or where is the property auctioned?

Can anyone bid on these items?