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Board of Finance and Revenue  

Welcome to the Board of Finance and Revenue

The Board of Finance and Revenue (BF&R) is a Pennsylvania tax appeal board that hears and decides appeals involving tax matters, including sales and use tax, corporate tax, personal income tax, and other miscellaneous taxes. BF&R, for which Treasury has administrative and budgetary responsibility, is generally the second level of appeal, reviewing decisions of the Department of Revenue's Board of Appeals. BF&R also selects depositories for Commonwealth funds and biannually determines the interest rate for Commonwealth deposits.

Message from Treasurer Rob McCord

As State Treasurer, I serve as the board's chair and I am committed to efficient, productive, and transparent operations in all areas, including BF&R. Accordingly, since I took office I have sought to modernize BF&R through such measures as creating the taxpayer advocate position, publicizing decisions online, and publishing a newsletter on BF&R entitled "Matters of Appeal."

Many taxpayers are unfamiliar with BF&R, but for those who seek relief from BF&R, it is a critically important step to resolution of a tax matter. For all individuals and businesses, it is important that the tax appeal process functions in a manner that is transparent, efficient and balanced. Therefore, this new BF&R web site offers expanded functionality and new features, such as a searchable database of BF&R decisions. As always, I hope you find this new site helpful.

Yours in service,

Rob McCord, State Treasurer
Chair of the Board of Finance and Revenue


The Board of Finance and Revenue

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Phone: 717.787.2974

Email: BFR@patreasury.gov

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